Dr. Johnson discusses research updates during Alzheimer’s & Brain Awareness month

Update: Dr. Johnson appeared on Badger Talks live in a video interview June 28. Watch the recording here: Latest research findings from WRAP

WRAP PI Sterling Johnson, Phd, joined the June 21 Badger Talks podcast to discuss latest advances in Alzheimer’s disease research.

“We are looking in the brain itself. How do you look in the brain of someone who is living? We have to use imaging. And so imaging is our main biomarker,” he said. “We’re looking at proteins in the brain that become abnormal and that may cause Alzheimer’s disease, one of them is called amyloid and the other is called tau.”

Listen to the full interview.

Find out more: Experts from UW–Madison Alzheimer’s disease research programs joined Badger Talks Live and the BadgerTalks podcast multiple times in June, in recognition of Alzheimer’s & Brain awareness month. Find recordings of the interviews on the BadgerTalks YouTube channel.