Contact WRAP

Madison (main office):

Rachel Weinberg, WRAP Program Manager
Diane Wilkinson, Senior Research Specialist, Scheduler
1-800-417-4169 or 608-265-5834
Caite Artz, WRAP Assistant Program Manager
1-800-417-4169 or 608-263-2872

Milwaukee office:

Celena Ramsey, Research Specialist, Scheduler

La Crosse:

Jo Kaseno, Clinical Research Coordinator, Scheduler

African-Americans Fighting Alzheimer’s in Mid-Life (AA-FAiM):

Dr. Fabu Carter, Senior Outreach Program Manager
(608)265-4745AA-FAiM Outreach Specialists:

Mr. James Bester, Outreach Specialist
(608) 265-3171

Mrs. Lytonia Floyd, Outreach Specialist
(608) 265-4329

We want to hear from you! For more information or to schedule your research visit, please contact us at the location nearest you.

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