2020 WRAP Info Sessions


Although we unfortunately could not meet in person for the 2020 WRAP Info Sessions, we are very glad to offer presentations from the event virtually. We encourage you to view video messages from our investigators describing recent WRAP discoveries, ongoing studies, and updates in global Alzheimer’s disease research.

WRAP Info Sessions 2020 | Part 1: Overview | Sterling Johnson, PhD

WRAP Info Sessions 2020 | Part 2: The Evolving Definition of Alzheimer’s Disease | Nate Chin, MD

WRAP Info Sessions 2020 | Part 3: Recent Advances in Alzheimer’s Research | Sterling Johnson, PhD

WRAP Info Sessions 2020 | Part 4.1 Discoveries: PET Imaging and Biomarkers | Tobey Betthauser, PhD

WRAP Info Sessions 2020 | Part 4.2 Lifestyle, Neighborhood, & Gut Microbiome | Barbara Bendlin, PhD

WRAP Info Sessions 2020 | Part 4.3 Discoveries: Cognitive Aging | Rebecca Koscik, PhD

Info Sessions 4.4 Discoveries: Disparities & African American Participation | Gina Green-Harris, MBA

WRAP Info Sessions 2020 | Part 4.5: WRAP Discoveries in Physical Activity | Ozioma Okonkwo, PhD

WRAP Info Sessions 2020 | Part 5: Our Next Steps for WRAP Research | Sterling Johnson, PhD*

*Video Part 5 mentions biomarker visits. For more information on participating in biomarker visits, watch this short video series from the Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center.

WRAP Info Sessions 2020 | Part 6: Frequently Asked Questions – Kimberly Mueller, PhD


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