Low cerebral blood flow is associated with lower memory function in metabolic syndrome.

Birdsill, A., C. Carlsson, A. Willette, O. Okonkwo, S. Johnson, G. Xu, J. Oh, C. Gallagher, R. Koscik, E. Jonaitis, B. Hermann, A. LaRue, H. Rowley, S. Asthana, M. Sager, and B. Bendlin. “Low Cerebral Blood Flow Is Associated With Lower Memory Function in Metabolic Syndrome.”. Obesity (Silver Spring, Md.), Vol. 21, no. 7, 2013, pp. 1313-20.

Metabolic syndrome (MetS)–a cluster of cardiovascular risk factors–is linked with cognitive decline and dementia. However, the brain changes underlying this link are presently unknown. In this study, we tested the relationship between MetS, cerebral blood flow (CBF), white matter hyperintensity burden, and gray matter (GM) volume in cognitively healthy late middle-aged adults. Additionally, the extent to which MetS was associated with cognitive performance was assessed.

DOI: 10.1002/oby.20170

PubMed: 23687103