Family history and TOMM40 ‘523 interactive associations with memory in middle-aged and Alzheimer’s disease cohorts.

Willette, A., J. Webb, M. Lutz, B. Bendlin, A. Wennberg, J. Oh, A. Roses, R. Koscik, B. Hermann, N. Dowling, S. Asthana, S. Johnson, and D. Alzheimer’s. “Family History and TOMM40 ’523 Interactive Associations With Memory in Middle-Aged and Alzheimer’s Disease Cohorts.”. Alzheimer’s & Dementia : The Journal of the Alzheimer’s Association, Vol. 13, no. 11, 2017, pp. 1217-25.

Family history (FH) of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) affects mitochondrial function and may modulate effects of translocase of the outer mitochondrial membrane 40 kDa (TOMM40) rs10524523 (‘523) poly-T length on memory decline.

DOI: 10.1016/j.jalz.2017.03.009

PubMed: 28549947